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Check out Wilde's Laws of Healing - the e-book. Learn how we keep the art and science AND Consciousness in holistic healing. Click on download for the E-Book. 

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This work can truly raise your vibration - transform and improve your life. 



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9 Keys (We Can Help) To Transform your health

1.) Radically Change Your Diet and 2.) Properly Use Supplements or Herbs (if you want to)


I love this book. 

3.) Take Control of Your Health by Changing Your Mind


You are in charge. Your are infinite. We help you understand this on a deep level so you can reveal your healthiest self. It's so much easier than most people think.

4.) Enhance Your Intuition; Tune into Your Inner Wisdom


Getting sessions with Laura has helped client after client become more in tune with his or her inner voice.

5.) Release Suppressed Emotions and 6.) Increase Positive Emotions


Wouldn't it be wonderful if your inner joy expressed itself most of the time!? What if being happy became easier. We can help!

7.) Find Your Social Tribe So You Feel More Connected.


If you're feeling isolated or alone, get a session, attend one of my meditation groups or classes and meet like-minded people.

8.) Deepen Your Spiritual Awareness and 9.) Create a Meditation Practice


These things we listed above are adapted from the book Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner. Getting sessions of BodyTalk will help you feel more connected to your reason for living and your purpose and all of the above. BodyTalk has helped many people with incredible healing miracles.

Other Benefits

Bio-metaPhysical Alignment™


When BodyTalk meets MetaPhysics and Spirituality you get Bio-metaPhysical Alignment™. 

Want More Energy So You Feel Fabulous Again!

Do you want to get your groove back? 

Weight Loss

I've helped people lose weight, regain their energy, look better, and make the small changes that add up to big results. 

It's not your fault. Your deeply-rooted belief  systems have become the default. So let's clear those so  you can see the best you that is right there waiting.

Lymphatic Drainage

I do the Veltheim Method of lymphatic drainage. Clients report losing up to 2 inches from their waists. Want a reset for better health? This is it! 

Healthier Immune System

Tired of getting the colds and flus that people pass around? Getting sessions of BmP Alignment and BodyTalk enhance your body's immune system so you can be more powerful and healthier.

Need Help With Food Choices?

My basic philosophy is to add the nutrient rich good stuff, so the bad eating habits slowly fall away. Eating food that your body loves doesn't have to hurt or be awful or require crazy discipline. Let's make it about what you can eat - not what you can't. Your bodymind is smart like that. 

Conscious eating is a winning philosophy.

Deep-Level Healing


Bio-Metaphysical Alignment is truly the art, science, and Consciousness of healing. It benefits you in  many ways.

I combine my advanced level BodyTalk and holistic health training with my study of metaPhysics and Consciousness for the past 15 years which adds up to a great session for you that gets results.

Sessions improve your physical health, your emotional health, your mental health, your intuition, and your mind-body connection so you can feel better, get your groove back, and feel more grounded and balanced. Healing has to go beyond the physical level to be long-lasting. 

We'll start with the metaphysical and follow in a downward direction to the more dense mental, emotional and physical aspects of your being.

Sessions are intuitive, insightful, non-invasive, and full of gentle, yet specific healing energy, and gifts of awareness so you can begin your journey of feeling healthy and remarkable.

Clients leave each sessions feeling lighter, more joyful, and with minimized symptoms.

After 3 or more sessions, clients feel the transformation taking place that helps them live healthier, more self-aware lives with more purpose and passion.

We also have a BEMER mat

BEMER Vascular Therapy

BEMER Red Light Anti-Aging

With photomodulation (red light therapy) you can 1. reduce wrinkles 2. reduce cellulite 3. minimize or prevent acne scarring and 4. clear psoriasis

More about Laura


  • Laughs Often
  • Founder, Bio-Metaphysical Alignment™
  • Advanced Level BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP)
  • BodyTalk Access Trainer
  • MindScape Instructor Trainee
  • Former NCAA Head Basketball Coach
  • Founder Quantum Sports Medicine™
  • Sports Medicine Nutrition Certificate
  • Two-Sport Standout NCAA Athlete
  • PCA Sports Ethics Fellow
  • Certified Health Coach, IIN
  • BA, English
  • Ivy League Cert from Columbia University in Sports Industry Mgmt.

My work is intuitive, Consciousness-based, mind-body medicine. Many of my clients use sessions with me as their stand alone healthcare. This work is holistic, and can be easily integrated into all other modalities including western medicine; It's scientifically based...including quantum physics based. I'm an advanced level BodyTalk Practitioner, have studied many healing  modalities and I teach health, wellness, sports energy medicine and meditation classes too!

The work I do is Consciousness-based. SO the healing is truly real and transforming. We get to the root of what you've been experiencing.

I believe my dedication to my meditation practice and my studies in Consciousness are help me stand out as a practitioner.

Together you and I will get results. I'll spend about an hour with you in your session. 

      Health Dependence

You shouldn't have to be dependent on an outside source (or me) to feel good. In extreme cases you'll still need sessions to help, yet won't it be nice to drastically enhance your wellness, your intuition and be more in tune with your body? 

My intention is to help you gain an amazing sense of well-being on your own.  Once restored to balance, your innate wisdom is great at managing your body's health.


What's a Session Like


Basically, you won't want your session to end. Gentle, non-invasive and often with profound results. Of course, there may be momentary challenges as you discover things you've been carrying and patterns you've been holding. Clients lie fully clothed on a massage table. Relax, breathe and let your bodymind surrender to the healing process.

When you leave you'll most likely feel relaxed, more joyful and present to life. People often say: I feel so relieved and light! And I didn't realize I felt heavy. 

In the days following a session, clients often report noticing a feeling of lightness, hope, sleeping better, feeling better, and symptoms lessening. Some people have a miraculous healing of something they thought they'd never get rid of.




Sustainable Selfcare Class 

You can learn how to take better care of yourself and your family with BodyTalk Access. A one day class that is truly transformative and helps you understand your body's best way of being in balance. Use on family and friends after this one day awesome learning experience. You'll learn five techniques. Game changing for your health, your wellness, and your life.

BodyTalk Access Classes are once or twice per month.

Click here to see all the BodyTalk Access Classes that I teach to see more details.  

And finally . . .. . Mindscape is coming!!Take your intuition abilities out of this world with this class. Learn how to get into the alpha zone on command.  It's a game changer for all areas of life. A weekend of transformation. More info:

Great for Moms and Kids


BodyTalk is safe for unborn babies, small children and pregnant moms. What would it feel like if you could handle your child's minor sickness and injuries? As a mom - this modality changed my life. I stopped thinking that (I, or) my kid would die or get some horrible untreatable disease.

I can now count on one hand the times my son has been unwell in the past decade. Not exaggerating...

If you're a mom or dad, you'll love sessions and the BodyTalk Access class.

Distance Sessions


It's pure science. Study after study has proven that distance sessions work.

They asked Bruce Lipton about distance sessions: What about healing over a long distance? That’s a hard concept for some people to wrap their heads around.

Bruce Lipton: It’s freaky, but it works, because energy isn’t limited to a set spatial distance. 

Laura: I was the biggest skeptic in the beginning. Now I have clients in five states and they love being able to get sessions from afar. Chalk it up to #QuantumPhysics

What Clients Say


"Laura helped my asthma go away. I can't believe it, but it did."

"I had asthma and couldn't exercise to stay in shape. I had a session and understood why I had asthma at a deeper level. The next day I was able to get on the treadmill and not use my inhaler for 30 minutes. It was the first time that had ever happened."

"Coach Mitchell gave me a session after the team trainers couldn't help. My knee pain was gone with one session." NBA Coach Bernie Bickerstaff

"I tried all the doctors and specialists. After I had my first session with Laura I could tell I was on to something. I've been back several times since and I keep feeling better and better."

"I had a stroke and was concerned I would not regain full eyesight. After two sessions with Laura I was allowed to stop wearing my eye patch and my vision was normal again! Amazing."  AF

I have lots more testimonials but what you really want to know is: Can it help me? The answer to that is most likely yes.



Q: Do you take insurance? 

A: I wish. Sort of...This work is approved in some countries. Hopefully one day the US will catch up in health and wellness modalities.

Q: Does it hurt? 

A: No. 

Q: Will I have to talk?

A: Only if you want to. This isn't talk therapy by any means. I may ask simple questions but that's it.

Q: Does BodyTalk help with...

A: Yes. No matter what it is - this is Consciousness-based work so the underlying cause to the symptoms/disease is cleared. I can't promise a miracle, yet I have never had a client who didn't find a benefit (most have many) from a session.

Your Five Bodies


Layer 1: Physical Body

Your physical body is a miracle. Do you treat it like one? 

Remember, on a depthful level, you are in charge of your body. The mental and emotional aspects of the human are reflected in the physical. Clear those and the physical body shows up better. 

Sounds good, right?


Layer 2: Emotional Body

When your emotional body is cleared of lingering unpleasant memories, trauma, and unprocessed emotions you will feel more free and open-hearted. Then, you can be more at peace and in flow with life. You'll even notice that you can respond - instead of reacting to things that come up. 

Won't that be fabulous?


Layers 3,4,5: Mental, Supramental, Cosmic Bodies

These three subtle bodies are lighter than the physical and emotional bodies. Did you download our free e-book, above? It goes into depth about the Five Bodies Theory.

 A Bio-Metaphysical Alignment session works at the mental and Supramental levels! Most modalities don't reach this higher level. What this means to you is - you get deep-level healing and results that are transformative and long-lasting. A session is a step on your journey of transformation and Remarkable Wellness. 

What are you waiting for?  


Drop me a line if you want to connect! Let's Unleash Your Genius! Well-Being Blessings, Laura

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